OXO Tot Sprout Chair Review - Secures Your Baby In Place

OXO Tot Sprout Chair Review - Secures Your Baby In Place

The solid, neat wood construction of this high chair is finished with a variety of different color combinations to match your personal preference or match your home's aesthetic. One of the many variations includes this beautiful Navy/Birch mix that is sure to complement your contemporary home space.

For the record, the build is completely fixed and does not fold up for storage. The seat itself also does not lean forward or back, so making sure your child can sit straight up before using this piece may be the best. This comfortable baby seating product does, however, feature a space-saving design that will benefit you in the best ways possible.


OXO Tot Sprout Chair and its Removable Tray

The front tray with a matching tray cover is completely removable with a quick, one-handed operation. It is designed with a recess to prevent food overflow with an allowance of 7 ounces of spilled food and drink at most.

It can also lay flat on the table ensuring stability, this way your baby's food won't spill further when removing the tray for a clean up after those messy meal sessions. This slender tray cover is actually dishwasher-safe, much to your convenience when cleaning up as well.

OXO Tot Sprout Chair - Seat Height Adjustments and Child Security System

This baby high chair has 3 levels of height adjustment options available to choose from, allowing this product to conveniently grow with your child. It will cater to your baby's needs aging from 6 months to 5 years, these essential adjustments are tool-free at most, for both the seat height and footrest.

The seat, back, and cushions are well contoured, promoting good posture during your child's use. The chair and seat cushions are easy to wipe clean during clean-ups, making maintenance a whole lot easier with such product surfaces.

The 5-point harness is what secures your baby in place during use, with a weight capacity of up to 60lbs, your baby is ensured to feel stable and safe while eating their favorite meals.

Just like the seating cushions that are attached to the seat with Velcro, it is also relatively easy to maintain these straps and remove food residues or stains, making way for a hassle-free cleaning routine with this high sprout chair.

OXO Tot Sprout Chair - Youth Chair Option

When wanting to convert this baby chair to a youth chair, most commonly for your child that is now over age 3, the main thing to do is remove the center post that is attached to the seat with screws underneath. To adjust the chair to the lowest setting preferable, simply pull the slide release levers on either side and push down. From then on, you can slide out the seat and slide it back in the height setting you desire.

After doing so, the tray can be removed out of the way while the security straps can slide right off the chair, thanks to the slots that go through the chair as well. The seat mechanism also works the same for the baby footrest. Unclick the piece and slid it off the current height and slide it back in the updated setting. Then making adjustments like so, you have to make sure that you can hear a click sound after sliding in back in, ensuring that it is secured and locked in place.

With the space-wise design, wide range of adjustments options available, seating comfortability, and product versatility that grows with your child, this may be the exact seating chair you are currently looking for. It aims to be the perfect addition fit for you, your baby, and your space.

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