Piper Computer Kit Review - Build A Computer

Piper Computer Kit Review - Build A Computer

Introduce the world of technology and electrons from a young age through exciting playtime and fun engineering. Letting your child build their very own computer is done with a series of steps that complete a very educational process. With all the necessary electronic components provided, all they need to do is to enjoy the experience of building their very own computer.

The parts they have to work with include a Raspberry Pi, 9" screen, its own speaker, a mouse, a rechargeable battery, and wood pieces for the main construction of the computer itself. It also comes with other additional parts like wires, lights, buttons, switches, and buzzers needed for complete assembly. Along the way, they are able to make use of their creative minds and enhance their problem-solving skills.

Piper Computer Kit - Interactive Series of Game Challenges

To start up, be guided by the given piper computer blueprint during assembly or ask for proper supervision from an adult if so desired. After building the computer case with the 1024x600 resolution LCD screen attached, connecting the battery to the Raspberry Pi, and completing some other important steps, you can now proceed to the most exciting part, playing the interactive game!

Your child will enter an adventure world, letting them act as the main character who has a special mission to fulfill. Through Story Mode, the character is guided by a friendly robot buddy PiperBot, and his mouse friend Pip. Mainly inspired by a Minecraft-themed game, kids ages 18 up will most likely be familiar with the scenery, making it much more enjoyable for them.

To actually make progress within the game, your child is required to attach wires together, set up switch buttons and buzzers, and mainly do work involving the Raspberry Pi guided with each game tutorial provided. When one is done successfully, another fun challenge comes around. This makes the game experience much more engaging for every step and will surely provide your child with the utmost satisfaction when done by themselves.

Piper Computer Kit - A Variety of Coding Projects Available!

Through the game and other physical tasks, kids can also learn basic coding from the ground up. The 11 challenging projects available are based on Google Blockly's easy drag-and-drop visual programming language. This will be a promising start for your young and developing child, most especially if they have developed an interest in computer technology and engineering.

Once they are ready and mastered the basics of coding, they can advance to the pre-loaded Python programming language allowing them to broaden their knowledge about the science of how computers work and code software programming. Engaging them in these educational games and physical tasks from a young age may come useful in their later years in life.

Piper Computer Kit - Educational, Interactive, Fun, and Unforgettable!

The very own computer that your child has built truly is more than just a game to play. It actually explains how computers and other electronic parts work. It teaches basic setup methods for wires, lights, and even touches buttons. The basics of computer software coding are also discussed and demonstrated through this game, all fully achieved without letting your child miss out on genuine enjoyment and learning.

The Piper Computer Kit initiatively proves to be a continuous learning process that will surely develop your child's independence and inner confidence, very much essential and useful even when they grow a lot older later on. Letting them accomplish physical tasks with electronic connections and game-based fun will greatly contribute to their developing young mind.


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